Saturday, 5 November 2011

Shame & Guilt - Utube title Is Shame Good? Dr Brene Brown


The phenomena of shame has historically been extensively addressed in addictions.  John Bradshaw wrote significant works about addictions and shame in the 1980's. It has been attributed as a significant 'core antecedent(s)' to many of the 'acting out' behaviour(s) people engage in.

The deep internal default position of deep shame, permeates energetically to the cellular core - that - I AM - the shame.  These deep psychic wounds can hold a deep legacy for a person. Cognitively and intellectually there is a knowing, that the associated repetitive 'acting out' behaviour is not kosher.

There appears to be a deeper drive, manifesting these behaviours facilitating a process of sabtogue and deep internal self loathing. To which, reinforces the internal, I AM - the shame.

The process of healing - to - I AM - NOT the shame - is a deep journey enabling the deep 'pained' vulnerability to be expressed in a very safe therapeutic space. The 'death' of the shamed ego self will put up it's resistances as the rebirthing of acceptance into the 'true' - "I AM" flows from beyond our core.

For your information, Dr Brene Brown's Utube clip below - 'Is Shame Good' - accurately articulates the differences between shame and guilt.