Friday, 21 October 2011

Client Recommendation


Dear Mark,

Thank you for helping me through this amazing session today.  I came in with all my negative energy, cranky, wound up, and in the “you can’t fix me” mode. The introduction to the sand therapy was not what I expected.

In came the sand box, pretty stark, just plain sand, a blank canvas really.  My first reaction was to think.... I wonder what I am meant to create or build. A sand castle? Shapes? Buildings? People?  Surely something recognisable.  I don’t think I can do that, no, I know I can’t.  I am feeling so helpless today, nothing has been working for me, oh f*ck it all, let’s try something different.

I slip my hand into the sand box, listen to the music, and feel the sand, the softness, the ebb and flow, the timelessness. I drop down into another world...soothe, relax.  I close my eyes, there is no right or wrong, just drift further and let go, let it all go.  I know you are there, my support, encouraging me, wishing me and holding me in this space, and it feels safe.

Wait, this isn’t me, I’m not in control anymore! But it doesn’t even enter my head, I’m miles away.

Now it is time to choose some figurines.  I have walked into your rooms countless times and peered over this curious collection, but now I am looking at them in a completely different way.  I soon know what I want and I find the right ones, like a child picking toys out of a toy box.

I move these people around unconsciously.  They can’t hurt me, they can’t judge me, and they can’t control me.  This is my dream and it feels real.  I feel it, I grieve it, I nurture it.   My heart and soul are pouring out into this story before me. My emotions build up and a climatic release erupts and I don’t stop it, because I know it’s OK. You are still there, in silence, but your support is loud.  The tissues keep appearing and your presence and your energy are in perfect sync with this moment.

I have to come back now, my story, for now, has ended.  It is a weird transition, coming back from this foreign place.  My head is aching, my body is tingling- almost trembling, and I am exhausted.   You are still there, giving me the freedom to come back to reality in my own time.

I go home in a daze and take your advice.  I take a relaxing bath with oils, soft music, candles and herbal tea.  But before I could sleep, I needed to write down this recollection before I lost it.

Thank you for this day.

Kindest regards,